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User manual

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I. Getting started

1. Hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Intel CORE i5/i7 (Gen3 or newer) or equivalent AMD CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 or equivalent AMD GPU (NVIDIA GPU is required for recording videos)
  • 32″-50″ HD TV
  • Motion sensor of your choice
  • 5 GB free disk space
  • Internet connection

Supported motion sensors

  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2.0 (recommended)
  • Azure Kinect
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows
  • Microsoft Kinect for XBOX360
  • PrimeSense Carmine 1.08
  • Webcam (experimental, not all features are available)

2. Installation

Before installing Fitnect, please make sure your computer meets the hardware requirements !

  1. On the main home page, scroll down to the pricing section or click on the PRICING menu button
  2. Click on the SIGN UP! button, and follow the steps to order Fitnect monthly subscription.
  3. You will receive an email with the DOWNLOAD LINK and a LICENSE KEY.
  4. Download the installer .exe file
  5. Run the installer by double clicking on the executable
  6. If there is a previous version of Fitnect is installed on your computer the installer will ask you to remove the previous version first.
  7. Read the EULA carefully and click on the Agree button
  8. Check the “Install DEMO content” to download demo outfits, and background scenes.

3. Room setup

  1. Before running Fitnect, plug in and install your motion sensor, or webcam
  2. Place your motion sensor around 150 cm – 210 cm from the floor.
  3. Make sure the floor is clear. (Around 3×3 m free space is required.)

4. License validation

  1. Run Fitnect.exe from c:\Program Files\Fitnect\ or by clicking on the Fitnect desktop icon
  2. On the first run the software will ask you to enter a valid license key.
  3. Copy-paste your license key from the email you have received after the ordering Fitnect.
  4. Once the validation is successful, you are ready to start configuring your dressing room

5. Change license

  • From the MAIN MENU select OPTIONS
  • Click on the VIEW LICENSE option to check your current license
  • To change your license to another one, click on the DEACTIVATE button
  • Fitnect will restart, and ask for a new license key

To deactivate a license outside of FITNECT


On this website go to MY ACCOUNT -> MY LICENSE KEYS , choose a license and click on the DEACTIVATE button.

6. Sensor configuration

Before you can start using Fitnect, you need to configure your motion sensor or webcam.

  1. From the MAIN MENU select OPTIONS
  2. Click on the MOTION SENSOR settings
  3. Select you motion sensor, or webcam from the list
  • Make sure Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.0 is already installed.
  • Select Kinect V2 from the Motion sensor types.
  • Adjust horizontal offset if necessary. 1 unit means 1 cm (Only required if the virtual outfit is not centered on the user)
  • Make sure Azure Kinect SDK 1.4.1 is already installed.
  • Select Azure Kinect from the Motion sensor types.
  • DNN Engine Type  – DirectML (NVIDIA, AMD), Cuda (NVIDIA),  TensorRT (NVIDIA, AMD)
  • DNN Model Type  – Light (for low end GPU), Normal (for high performance GPU)
  • SDK Body Tracking GPU ID – Multi GPU support for body tracking, select the GPU ID for body tracking
  • Any webcam can be used as a motion tracker!
  • Select WEBCAM from the Motion sensor types.
  • In case you are using a WEBCAM you also need to set the RESOLUTION, and the FPS. (1280×720 or 1920×1080, 30FPS is recommended)
  • Use the START CAMERA button to test you settings. You should see the preview of your webcam below.

7. Photo booth options

Users can take a selfie, or a short video of the augmented reality experience.

  • From the MAIN MENU select OPTIONS
  • Click on the DRESSING ROOM settings
  • Take Photo – Enable / Disable taking, and sharing photos. Adds a PHOTO icon to the user interface when enabled
  • *Record Video – Enable / Disable  recording video. Adds a VIDEO icon to the user interface when enabled
  • Video length –  Length of the recorded video 5, 10, 15 seconds 

*Video recording requires a NVIDIA graphics card. GeForce Experience needs to be installed, and Highlights enabled.


To take a photo. Hold you hand above the PHOTO button on the left menu.



To record a short video, hold your hand above the VIDEO button on the left menu.


8. Media gallery

Photos, and videos can be accessed for 24 hours using the displayed QR code, or with a 4 digit PIN code on


II. Create your first project

1. Create a new project

  1. Click on the NEW PROJECT” button
  2. Enter the name “Modern warfare” for the new project, and click on the CONFIRM button
  3. A new project will be created.


2. Download a new outfit from the content library

  1. Click on the CONTENT LIBRARY menu.
  2. Find the Military Soldier outfit, and click on INSTALL.
  3. Wait until the outfit is fully downloaded. (You can follow the progress on bottom of the page.)
  4. Return to the main menu by clicking on the BACK button.


4. Customize the user interface

  1. Select your new project: Military warfare
  2. Click on the CUSTOMIZE button
  3. On the top right corner, click on the CLONE THEME button to make a copy of the default theme.
  4. Click on the EDIT THEME button to customize the new theme.
  5. Click on theme’s name on the top right corner, and rename it to Military theme
  6. Change the colors of theme, by clicking on the colored squares below.
  7. Click on the EDIT LAYOUT button to enter layout editing mode.
  8. From the top left corner select the BORDER IMAGE widget, and double click on the screen, to change the border frame image.
  9. Select you border frame image when prompted. (Border frame Image used in this video can be downloaded from here.)
  10. Other widgets can be also moved, and resized by selecting their names from the widgets menu. (Hold left mouse button to drag, and resize with mouse scroll wheel)
  11. Change the logo image, and position by selecting the logo widget. (Double click on the logo to change it’s image)
  12. Click on the COMMIT button when finished, and save your theme


5. Add some outfits

  1. Click on the OUTFITS tab on the top left corner
  2. Add outfits from the list by clicking the ADD button
  3. Click on the PROJECTS tab on the top left corner, and check the list of the added outfits on the right


6. Test your new project

  1. Select your new project: Military warfare
  2. Click on the START button
  3. Enjoy your brand new virtual mirror experience


III. Themes - UI Customization

1. Theme editor

Fitnect comes with a seamlessly integrated user interface system that is responsible for overlaying menus, messages, graphics elements, branding and provide an interaction layer between the user and the virtual fitting room software. It comes with an, easy to use WYSIWYG editor what makes possible to customize the look and feel of the whole try on experience. The editor is accessible from the THEMES menu.


All the elements on the user interface are so called “WIDGETS“. They are draggable, and clickable inside the editor. In editor mode, it is possible to trigger buttons, and interacting with menus. They will behave just like in the application. Widgets are grouped on SCREENS, and displayed according to user actions.






  • Purple background  – Templates (non editable)
  • Gray background  – User created themes (editable)


  • Click on the name to edit


  • Switch screens using the selector drop down
  • Click on the EDIT LAYOUT button to enter edit layout mode


  • Global color controls, all widgets are affected
    • Theme main color
    • Button background color
    • Button text, icon color


    • NEW THEME – Creates a new theme based on the default theme template
    • CLONE THEME – Duplicates the current theme
    • SAVE THEME – Saves all settings for the current theme
    • DELETE THEME – Deletes the current theme

2. Tracking screen

  • OUTFITS OR SCENES MENU – Selects outfits or scenes (backgrounds)
  • ACTIONS MENU– Helmet ON/OFF , Take photo, Record video, Switch between outfits, scenes , Remove outfit  reset scene
  • PIN CODE – Use this PIN code or QR code to access your photos
  • LOGO – Logo image , transparent PNG 
  • BORDER IMAGE – Transparent .PNG, 1920×1080
  • USER PREVIEW – User’s segmentation map. (For debugging purpose )
  • SCREEN, WIDGET SELECTOR – Switches between screens, and widgets. Selected widget becomes highlighted.
  • COMMIT – Save all changes, and exit edit mode
  • DISCARD – Discard changes, and exit edit mode

3. Start screen

  • POSE IMAGE – transparent PNG

4. Photo screen

  • TIME COUNTER – Only visible when recording video
  • PHOTO FRAME– Transparent .PNG, only visible when taking photo

5. Share screen


  • SHARE  MENUSave – Uploads the photo / video to the media gallery, Discard – Back to the tracking screen
IV. Scenes - Background image / video

1. Scene editor

Fitnect can change the background without the need of green screen, or any additional equipment. Backgrounds are accessible from the SCENES menu.






  • Purple background  – Templates (non editable)
  • Gray background  – User created scenes (editable)


  • Click on the name to edit


    • NEW SCENE – Creates a new empty scene
    • SAVE SCENE – Saves all settings for the current scene
    • DELETE SCENE – Deletes the current scene
    • ASSIGN SCENE TO THE CURRENT PROJECT – Adds current scene to the current project
    • REMOVE SCENE FROM THE CURRENT PROJECT – Removes current scene from the current project if already assigned

2. Creating a new scene

  • Both images .png, and videos .mp4 can be used as backgrounds

3. Supported sensors

Background replacement is only supported by the following sensors:

  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows v2.0 (recommended)
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows
  • Microsoft Kinect for XBOX360
  • PrimeSense Carmine 1.08